Sapphires are known for having a deep blue color like the one seen in the iconic engagement ring of the last Princess Diana. Nevertheless, Sapphires come in a range of different colors.

Sapphires are in a class known as Corundum, which is a mineral and a form of Aluminum Oxide. The Blue Sapphire occurs when titanium and iron are present in the Corundum, while other trace minerals cause colors such as green, gray, yellow, black, pink and purple.

For example, the pink sapphire has trace elements such as nitrogen.

Corundum also forms rubies, except the color of the ruby is due to chromium being present, which causes its rich, red color.

Companies like the Sapphire Ring Company in Clearwater, Florida are doing their best to educate customers on the difference between a natural sapphire and one that has been treated.  Natural, untreated sapphires are much harder to find and much more valuable then treated sapphires.

Gemstones like the sapphire that are derived from the corundum are two times natural-sapphireharder than topaz. This fact is important since the majority of people, with the exception of a trained eye of a jeweler, cannot tell the difference between a sapphire and topaz.

The hardness of the stone is very relevant when buying a piece of jewelry, particularly if the person wearing the piece will subject it to a good amount of use and wear and tear over the course of a day.

Sapphires are more widely found than are rubies partly because while the chromium makes the red of the ruby it also causes fissures and cracks in the same crystal, which restricts development and growth of the gemstone.

With sapphires however the iron and titanium that make the gemstone blue, do not put a restriction on its growth. The end result is larger sizes and a greater number of sapphires.

Two important aspects must be considered when purchasing a sapphire, the hue or color and blemishes.

The hue’s intensity will determine how expensive a sapphire is. Some sapphires that are dark blue do not contain a good reflective quality and appear in low lighting to be black. Those types should not be purchased.

Blemishes should be minimum on a sapphire in order to give the gemstone more clarity. The clarity should be good on a sapphire with strong, light reflective qualities. Nevertheless, there are blemishes with one called silk, which are not a bad thing, as their presence means there was no heat treatment performed on the stone.

Heat treatments are used commonly on sapphires to eliminate flaws as well as improve color and a perceived quality. Less than 1% of the gemstones that are extracted from the ground are considered gemstone quality.



Finding the right diamond engagement ring can feel like a daunting task, as it will be an expensive endeavor and hopefully one item that your future wife will cherish for the rest of her life and your life together.

Diamonds are so different that a diamond ring with a two-carat stone could cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to more than $20,000. The big question many have when buying a diamond is what determines the price.

Before heading out to purchase the ring a basic understanding about diamonds will


make it easier to find the one that best fits your current budget and your wife to be’s heart.

There are four basic features of diamonds that determine their price: cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Typically, the cut of a diamond will have the biggest overall impact on its final price. The cut generally will determine between 25% and 50% of the cost.

Carat weight will influence the prices by between 10% and 20%. Clarity and color each will make up between 10% and 15% of the diamond’s overall price.

Some people when looking for an engagement ring want to buy the biggest rock they can afford. However, if value is what you are looking for, then carat weight should be the last feature to consider.

A diamond’s sparkle or brilliance is directly affected by the way the gem is cut. If the thought is to splurge on one of the C’s in diamond quality, then the cut is the one to spend your money on.

A diamond that is smaller in carat weight can give an appearance of being larger if it is cut correctly.

Frank, at Gesner Estate Jewelry said “Finding the highest cut within budget and trading down in clarity and color is the best approach.”

Although the diamond’s cut is a measure of great importance in its overall quality, some jewelers are not open to revealing the rating of the cut. If the jeweler does not give you the cut rating, be sure the question is asked.

The color rating of the diamond begins with its highest grade, which is “D,” and is a colorless or white diamond. The rating for color goes from there until Z.



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