3D Baseball Cards of the Future

by on August 24, 2009

When I was younger baseball cards was a great way for me to learn how to be a little more organized and value certain items while also learning that saving and collecting can equal some extra money.  I always loved sports and as we look into the future items as small as the baseball card are evolving into the future.  Topps has begun looking ahead with Etopps cards and 3D Baseball Cards.  These futuristic sports cards let someone purchase quantities of cards online and whatever are not purchased by a certain release date the rest of the print run are destroyed.  For Example:  A young Lebron James has a print run of 2000 cards.  Only 800 are purchased on the release date and than the other 1200 are destroyed.  This creates scarcity and the conundrum of supply and demand. As collectors buy Derek Jeter Baseball Cards or try to determine the value of Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card 3D Baseball cards are virtual.

Topps has created a card that interacts with there web site.  You get the sports card in a pack of one of there special editions and than you take the card to topps.com.  This lets you see a virtual 3d version of that player.  This amazing technology lets the collector interact with the sports cards like never before.

As card manufacturers like Upper Deck and Topps refine this technology the results will become infinite.  As people take old school fun like baseball card collecting into the future it will be crucial to see if new technologies like 3d baseball cards will become popular with today’s collectors.

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